Riten Vagadiya
Tech Consultant / Enthusiast
  • Highly Experienced Technology Enthusiast

  • Web Apps Developer & Designer

  • Procedure Freak & Highly Thorough

  • Bonus Web Designing Skills


I am a technical web & apps expert. I carry with myself, a hybrid package of core technology concepts and business & project knowledge


Excelling in various areas of Information Technology.

Technology is changing really fast - You cannot stay behind.


With process, we can all bring harmony between our ideas and our projects, through a methodology that is comforting.

Share your requirements, you will be asked a lot of questions, patiently answer them.

Analysis and Study

I study requirements, personally, and get back with an action plan and rough estimates.


I program, staff, test and implement your solution towards an optimal industry standard.

Continuous Care

Your idea, once live, is not to be left alone. I provide care and maintenance, throughout.

Contact me now & I'd love to discuss your idea, even if you're not serious.


Working: Sunday–Thursday | 0900–2000 (GMT+4)

Address: Sharjah, UAE

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